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  • Mixailmike ( 46 / M / Edison, NJ )

    Walk at a scenic park in a good sunny day, talk, watch, enjoy trees, flowers and communication; feeling that you found a true soulmate; take some snack and don’t wanna to go home alone, but wanna to meet again ASAP and...  read more >>

  • pghjordan ( 32 / M / Pittsburgh, PA )

    For a first date, it's important to see sparks, but to talk and enjoy the conversation. You know it has potential, within minutes usually. Looking for the Sparks and storybook ending, tired of bs.

  • Chayuta_Ayelet ( 20 / W / Washington, DC )

    Let's go find old books & compare the print batch numbers then donate them to those in need of literature

  • Mich89 ( 29 / W / North York, ON )

    I have no idea maybe just go with the flow.

  • GenuineCurls ( 37 / W / Bozeman, MT )

    It flows and we enjoy time together

  • Avichai ( 37 / M / Rego Park, NY )

    I would be glad to date a suggested girl starting next week .

  • DinahbatAron ( 58 / W / Houston, TX )

    Someplace quiet where we can converse without interruption...Memorial Park, a walk in the beach (such as it is), coffee...

  • shabbattess68 ( 62 / M / Fresno, CA )

    I am short of ideas but in most cased i like my date to pick the time and the place, however if she insist then I would propose a dinner at my place and that chef would be me with some candle lights at the table as am a...  read more >>

  • Crayola ( 63 / W / Chandler, AZ )

    Dinner, ...a drink...coffee shop, followed by a walk (if there is chemistry) maybe holding hands...if your idea is to a movie - pass on to someone else.

  • arjonas ( 60 / W / Glen Mills, PA )

    We go out for coffee or drink in a nice cafe or restaurant and talk. The place is cozy and quiet.

  • WYSIWYG ( 43 / W / Chicago, IL )

    Most important thing about a date is whether their was a flow in the conversation, both parties felt comfortable.... Whether it's in a museum or on a short stroll together -- if we had fun and were still smiling to ourse...  read more >>

  • Eloquence ( 61 / W / West Bloomfield, MI )

    I think that depends on the time of year and what is going on. It could be coffee or dinner. It also could be seeing an exhibit at a museum.

  • teinam ( 32 / W / Flushing, NY )

    Open for any ideas! Not picky what so ever!

  • jfbwinterpark ( 56 / W / Winter Park, FL )

    Anywhere we can talk and get to know each other

  • EvieLovesLove ( 27 / W / Utrecht, Utrecht )

    Wherever we can get to know eachother and be comfortable

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